Thursday, September 4, 2014

Round 2 with Toth 2.0 in, will you be ready for it?
I've read some critiques lately that suggest that I cannot look decent without taking my clothes off. I'd like to suggest to these people that they should have some evidence prior to their assumptions. If they looked up my work they would find a large list of photos that show my facial features and my looks when I'm fully clothed. I ask anyone who suggests that I cannot model any style of modelling to come forward and explain themselves with evidence and detail. My images have almost ZERO EDITING OR PHOTOSHOP. EVERY photographer I've worked with loves that I don't require post-production. EVERY photographer I've worked with spoke highly of my professionalism. EVERY photographer I've worked with spoke well of my skin(most guys walk in with acne and rough skin) MY RAW IMAGES look identical or close to identical to the EDITED IMAGES You know, there is something called respect and dignity and to retain both of those from others it's important to outline why something you say is true, and then to prove why what you've said is true. I model a lot of artistic nude work for a few particular reasons. When I think of modelling I think of modelling as a natural thing, which requires the natural male form. Anything clothed is about the clothes, anything with an AD is about the product but when I do artistic nudes I AM THE PRODUCT. If you think that I cannot show myself as the product in comparison to other models, maybe you should compare my body of works to those individuals and reality will hit you hard. I still have work to do in terms of becoming the best professional that I can be but I am a damn good professional in this field and I don't care if you dislike me, hate me or simply have it out for me you should respect that I can do something that you cannot do. The next reason why I model artistically is because it provides me money as an individual with a diseased parent, in graduate level studies and looking to publish my first few books so sure I profit from my artistic nudes, but that's only because my artistic nudes are real damn good and I'm proud to say that. This is one of a list of things that I can do. If you knew anything about me you'd know that I'm probably better than you at just about every skill or trade because nothing is ever good enough for me. Speak to any photographer I have worked with, I always find a way to critique myself because I expect myself to be the best and any critiques from the peanut section that have no validity will be confronted with undeniable truths. Here's a whole collection of photos for those who say that I'm limited to artistic nudes.. You either back up what you say or say nothing at all! Claudiu